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Imagine a City of Speakers

Everybody is speaking, but what is their voice?

What is your voice

We have a Vision

Documenting the voices of Los Angeles, and we need your help!

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A City Experiment

A pre-TEDxLA project to discover the voice of Los Angeles.

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Join us in collecting the voices of Los Angeles

We have a Vision: A vision to document the voice of Los Angeles. And we need your help.

A pre- TEDxLA City Experiment

Imagine that we could hear the voices of people around us. The voices of people who are thinking but not sharing their thoughts. That is what this city experiment is about. We want to create a unique mosaic of what a city reflects, and we are working to capture its spirit from an authentic angle.

Innovation is rooted in ideas that solve problems - but if those ideas have no voice to come to life, millions of ideas will fail to materialize. Imagine if everyone's voice could be heard.

The Reality

The vision is to interview the people of Los Angeles and attempt to document their voices. We will be doing this by collecting audio, gathering videos, and transcribing conversations.

The Vision

The voices of Los Angeles impact our collective future. Our voice is one of the instruments that we have today, as humans, to convey something. How we use it makes all the difference.

A City Experiment

We are not sure how it will end up, and that is exciting. We will experiment with various questions to capture the different voices. Gather data, then try to put it all together.

How it works

People of LA make your Voices Heard

Help us hear your voice so the world can your voice.  Our Goals is to collect voices and thoughts of at least 1,000 people in LA  from all facets of Life. If you like to help with this pre-TEDxLA experiment which will be presented at TEDxLA, do one or all of following.   Go to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sites (@CityofSpeakers) and post a 1 minute video, a tweet or a  post sharing the most pressing thoughts, concerns, passions, aspirations,  fears, or anything you want.  
 Submit your voice here on the site using the contact form below.

Or, simply email us a video or text to [email protected]

Meet the Team

Helping Los Angeles find their voice.

Lead Organizer

Ryan Foland

Communication Strategist


Zoë Muntaner

Civically engaged, multi layered creative media arts & communications professional


Tamim Yusuf

Business Strategist


Daniel Midson-Short

Speaking Consultant